7 – 10 MARCH 2013

The De Luigi’s selection of photos produced by the participants during the workshop in March 2013.
The assigned theme was “Cinema and Berlin”: Photo-Berlin provided a series of screenshots taken from a list of around 30 selected films set in Berlin.





Berlin Hauptbahnhof  © Carolina Lopez Bohorquez
Video inspired by the futuristic set of Berlin by Fritz Lang: Metropolis (1927)


Maciek Musialek, born in Poland in 1979. Professional since 2011. website

Simone Lombardo, born in Italy in 1978. Professional since 2010. website

Bandia Rivera, born in Spain in 1979. Amateur.

Wojciech Ryzinski, born in Poland in 1980. Amateur. website

Thomas Freteur, born in Belgium in 1980. Professional since 2008. website

Carolina lopez Bohorquez, born in Colombia in 1980. Professional since 2012. website

Sara anjargolian, born in UK in 1975. Professional since 2009. website

Saad Shahriar, born in Bangladesh in 1987. Professional since 2009. website




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