Will Bruno Become A photographer?




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On the 6th of July we started telling the story of a bear born in Berlin and called Bruno. It was composed of 21 episodes, published every day.

How to participate:
Upload your picture in the comment section of the Facebook page.
The image must represent the episode of the day.
Only one picture can be uploaded per post. You can illustrate as many episodes as you like.
Then Invite your friends to “like” it.

We will offer a free workshop for the most liked picture illustrating the story!
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1. Once upon a time, a bear named Bruno was born Kreuzberg, Berlin. Facebook

2. Little Bruno grew up playing in the park with many friends, and attended a small school near his house. He loved playing soccer outside and was the fastest in the team. Facebook

3. Mommy bear was a very anxious mother but loved him very much. His father talked little, but was a very wise bear. Facebook

4. When Bruno finished high school, he didn’t know what to do, so his parents told him to enroll in engineering, so that he was sure to find a job afterwards. Facebook

5. But Bruno was very unhappy in university, he didn’t like what he studied, and felt empty when looking at the future. Facebook

6. On his 21st birthday, his parents gave him a camera. And this is when, for the first time, Bruno felt a strong passion inside. The camera became an excuse to go to certain places, enter situations and meet people. It felt great! Facebook

7. He booked a first workshop that dealt with the technical aspects of photography. At the beginning he struggled in order to understand why a higher f stop number meant a closed aperture and was very tempted on automatic mode because he was afraid of loosing moments. Facebook

8. Bruno then decided to practice with an analog camera and built a dark room in his hut. At night he experimented with the prints, he couldn’t wait to spend time there, observing magical shapes appearing on the soaked papers. Facebook

9. The camera slowly became an instrument to learn about the world, make sense of it, and also to learn about himself. It became a way to face his fears, a challenge, a constant stimulus. Facebook

10. As he explored the city of Berlin, the people he met and spent time with, enriched him so much. He started to develop a different view towards diversity, and this path to growth made him feel less centered on himself and more like a little part of something big. Each and everyone of these people had something to contribute. Facebook

11. But Bruno was still a bit shy, and the pictures reflected his attitude very much. The portraits were distant, classical, he still struggled as it was difficult to think both at the technical aspects and the photograph itself. Facebook

12. Bruno was feeling a grown up by now but he couldn’t understand why his photographs were not improving as he wanted. Something was missing, even though they were, by now, technically very good. Facebook

13. He decided to enroll in another workshop where he had to carry out an assignment. The students had to photograph a demonstration in the centre of Berlin, a quick exercise that pushed him to get closer to people in a limited time. Facebook

14. Bruno put aside his shyness and jumped into it, talking to people, trying to understand the situation, and as his teacher had told him, establishing an empathic relationship with them. He was enthusiastic, all the energy of the situation was very contagious. Facebook

15. By the end of the workshop Bruno decided that he wanted to be a photographer. It was the first thing that made sense to him. Facebook

16. What next? Facebook

17. In the mean time, he worked as a waiter in a bar at night, so that he would not depend on his parents anymore. Facebook

18. On Facebook one evening, Bruno saw that some people were organizing a series of workshops in Berlin in the summer. He looked at the photographers involved and really liked their work. He felt it could be an interesting opportunity to reflect on the construction of a story, to discuss his work and photography in general with the masters and his peers. Facebook

19. He discussed with his friends. He asked his parents an opinion. He talked about it with his boss. He reflected for some time, thinking whether he should miss the holidays. And in the end… Facebook

20. He took a week off work and booked all the workshops!!! Facebook

21. Bruno will be in Berlin from August 17th to the 21st! Stay tuned to discover how the story evolves… Facebook


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