22 – 25 NOVEMBER 2012

A selection of photos produced by the participants during the workshop in November 2012.
The theme assigned was “The Day of Ashura”. Photo-Berlin has provided all the contacts and information to focus on the story.

Attendees had the opportunity to get in touch with Alevi, Sunni and Shia community, to deal with different Islamic communities (i.e.: from Lebanon, Turkey and other), to attend to traditional ceremonies in local mosques.



Tiziano Brodolini, born in Italy in 1972. Professional since 2008. website

Linda Dorigo, born in Italy in 1983. Professional since 2010. website

Inga Knölke, born in Germany in 1965. Professional since 1989. website

Tanya Mar, born in Germany in 1974. Amateur. website

Stefano Pizzetti, born in Italy in 1968. Amateur. website

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