Pho[to-Be]rlin invites internationally renowned photo-reporters to hold workshops in Berlin and provides amateur and professional photographers a valuable know-how and a guided fieldwork experience, lead to produce their own photo-stories and reportages, documenting contemporary cultural issues related to the city of Berlin.

* [to Be] in brackets underscores that the workshops and related photography will focus on and take place in Berlin.




The master photographer will guide and supervise ten photographers during a tight schedule that combines both theoretical classes and shooting assignments, will offer them day-by-day feedback as a guide through the selection process.

During the workshop and under the guidance of the Master, students will acquire the skills necessary to build a reportage by analyzing magazines tearsheets, comparing between peers, dealing with real-situation problems and editing their images.

Thanks to the form of a shooting assignment, the workshops are thought to stimulate participants to start thinking like a photoreporter, understanding what it means to “cover a story” and following their own personal way of doing it.
The objective of the workshops is to learn, and enhance, how a story is told through photographs. The steps are:
- the study of different magazines, and the way they manage to report it,
- browsing other similar works of professional photographers selected by the Master,
- developing one theme, for each workshop, and shooting it,
- have a daily review by the Master,
- do a final editing



Technical equipment (camera, extra accessories and laptop) must be provided by each participant. Photographers will be expected to shoot digitally using cameras with sufficient resolution to produce high quality A4 size prints. It is possible to shoot on film too, but processing costs are separate.



The workshops are designed for professional photographers and serious amateurs who wish to improve their ability in storytelling. There are no restrictions, but it is important the participants already have practical knowledge, as technical elements of photography are not part of the workshops.
The workshops are limited to 10 places, accepted in the order of arrival of registration forms so that the Master photographers are able to give enough individual time to each participant.
Workshop will be held in English. Translation will be provided where needed by an assistant, who will also help students with technical or logistical questions.
In addition to the active participants, are admitted attendees listed as listeners that will only take part in the theoretical lessons.



At the end of the workshop, up to 30 photos produced by all participants will be chosen by the master and will be featured in the project’s collective exhibition which will be held in Fall 2013 in Berlin. The selected photos will also be put online two weeks after the end of each workshop.



The workshops will be hosted by The Wye,
a new international art house in the heart of Kreuzberg.
The Wye, Skalizer Strasse 86, Berlin.